It’s thursday!

Hi, back again!

I’ve always been one that has never ever almost listened to music while reading or working. I’m not sure if that’s unique but that’s something about me. Also, a heads up. I learn the simpler things sometimes effortlessly that I become a “copycat” version very quickly and that annoys a lot of people I’ve met. The most common complaint is, “I never get anything in return!”

My thursday started off with cleaning up the rooms before organization friyay.

Then getting things ready

Some of the date rollaways from Tuesday , with sliced almonds and shredded coconut. Great post-workout snack and so easy to make in 10+ minutes.

Finally, a huge shoutout to Hungryrunnergirl. I’ve been following her blog (hmm, it was more like visiting her blog everyday :-D) for 6 years, and she kept me from missing my friends who were trying to make a dent in the universe. Not that she didn’t cheer up my world for atleast 3 hours every single day and make a huge difference, or anything. She’s incredible and very, very, inspiring. Check out her blog and she’s on instagram too!

See you tomorrow!



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