Should I grocery shop online?

Been trying to make my grocery run more effective, while I munch on a slice of orange. Ok, it’s a cup of tea.  It’s not the same.


By the way,  something my son’s been enjoying a lot lately.

It was one of those evenings where we had to make a pitstop at the store because I didn’t have any snacks on me, for him. That meant atleast 40ish minutes of howling in the car and the store.  Pretty normal, if you ask any mom (or dad).

I moved my grocery shopping to the weekend long back, making it a family event.  It’s sometimes easier that way since everyone can just pick what they need.  Not counting how disastrous it can be, if its nap time or someone’s “hangry”.  It does take away from the “personal time” and “play time” too. So, we keep shuffling it and we decided the basics are best for the weekday when I can make a relatively quicker stop to pick up those things. And fill gas. 😉 By the way, have you heard of or tried Booster ?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With online delivery, I miss the act of picking my own produce a WHOLE LOT and also feel less satisfied with the quality of the produce. I’ve also had a few mishaps that the delivery was split into multiple orders and therefore different delivery times. Nevertheless, it is really awesome when I just don’t have the time. Service development is always imperfect when in progress, making room for improvement an imperative in terms of customer satisfaction when the end goal is a flawless service.

My favorites so far has been from Target and whole foods / AmazonFresh  but Safeway , Walmart  CostcoJet  and Store2K have similar services.

  • Unlike Safeway that has its online ordering system in partnership with Instacart, Target’s online ordering is via Shipt. Shipt’s membership fee is at $14/month, in comparison to Target’s per order charges are $9.95 -$12.95, depending on whether is above $150 or below $150.
  • Whole Foods / AmazonFresh delivery is free for the 1,2 hour delivery period with the Amazon Prime subscription. Quite often, they also offer a discount on the overall order above a certain limit (not necessarily the 1st order, as provided by the other services) and also special prices on selected items. However, for AmazonFresh, there is $14.99/month membership, in addition to the Amazon Prime subscription. Walmart, has no subscription or membership fee as the delivery fee is based on the order and the delivery schedule.
  • Costco has same day shipping with service fee (for orders above $35) through its partnership with Instacart but no charges for 2 day shipping. Jet has free 2-5 day shipping for orders above $35.
  • Store2K has delivery service fee only if it is below $39. But, if there are multiple orders on the same day, the charges are refunded.
  • Notes
    • Almost all services offer a discounted pricing($10-$20)and free delivery for the 1st order, above a certain spending criteria  (usually above $35).
    • The delivery timelines will definitely be determined by how long one would like the produce to be in transit. The services are in 1, 2 and 4 hour windows.
    • Tipping the delivery person is additional, but not mandatory and there could be additional service charges.

I still like shopping offline far more than online delivery. It is definitely more interesting to discover new products and at times, “you-just-need-to-get-out-of-home”, but with a young kid, it’s never relaxed and easy.  I’d love to hear how you optimize your grocery shopping and which service you’ve liked/disliked.

Leave a comment in the comment section and I’ll be back soon!




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