Lady’s fingers > Okra – Why I associate motherhood with food

Savioardi Biscuits

Lady’s fingers in tiramisu > Okra. No debate there.

Buttery mocha goodness from last week. From here

Also, how cute are these

Motherhood’s very difficult. And can be stressful. Therefore, it is not easy to take for granted the support systems that we develop in our ecosystems to nurture our young ones.

Right from birth, meal times are often a very effective time for gathering and sharing stories for a family.  One can almost never forget that time.

Growing up, my mom would always ask me what I’d like for dinner. It always generated a sense of warmth when she’d ask me that question. Or, when she’d pack my lunch box with a bread (roti) dusted with sugar which was so special. I’d always save the crunchy bits for the last. When she started working, she’d pack my lunch box with upma (broken wheat/semolina). It never tasted good cold. That and taking on additional chores made me secretly wish that my mom didn’t work. That would change when she’d buy my favorite comics and books or dolls once in a while, and when I saw my friends’ mom worked too. I recently noticed a similar feeling with my 2+ year old, and he hugged me tight.

No matter where I am, I always miss my mom’s food. It’s comfort at its best. I pale in comparison, as of now but hopefully, Zain will grow up to enjoy what I make.

What I’m learning is making food with chosen ingredients is special. While I’d love to outsource it, when I choose better, I consume more efficiently, I share more lovingly. Strangely, feels like shooting for the stars.

Balancing between ready-to-eat and home-made meals for Zain,

  • Breakfast:
  • Lunch (with Roti and eggs)


My favorite bean soup.

Really curious about the meal prep kits, but the pricing is too close to eating out at a restaurant (excluding the effort in preparation time), so yet to try it out.

Are you a soup fan or chili fan? Love myself some chili too.  Specialty’s and Boudin SF are my absolute favorites.  But can never forget a good pho.



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